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"Women" tiles : This process allows me to combine my old profession of computer graphics and my current passion for ceramics.
I create the visual on my computer then print and cook the tile in a ceramic oven.
The tiles can be incorporated into a classic tile for a kitchen splashback or a bathroom. It can also be used as a decorative object: a small table can be hung on the wall, placed on a shelf, adorning a table to act as a trivet or tray for glasses, they are not afraid of it. neither water nor heat.
The format in general of 10x10cm, 13x13cm or 20x20cm but I can work on measure.
I also made magnets of about 3x3cm and 6x6cm.

Even if the image can be reproduced, the magic of the cooking will make the piece necessarily unique, anyway I never print the same visual twice or exceptionally on request.

This technique also allows me to offer an ultra customizable product. I can work in collaboration with my customers (printing of personal photos) only conditions a rather flat ceramic support and a light background.

“Scales” Tiles

"Scales" tiles : Made one by one, pea by pea with a brush, this tile becomes unique, each tile is different. It can be installed like classic tiles or become a decorative object in its own right.

Kitchen splashback made with “scale” tiles
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