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Obtained a Masters in Plastic Arts at St Charles (Sorbonne) - Paris. Some painting exhibitions in Parisian galleries. Trained as a graphic designer, she rubbed shoulders with the world of advertising.
Meet the son of a ceramist, leaves Paris to settle in Salernes, city of ceramics and becomes…. Ceramist.
She then opened her workshop / boutique in the old village and then moved to the village square with her boutique / tea room. She exhibits her ceramics, photos and textile creations.
Works on the ball, the sphere, the roundness, the smoothness, the pea. What inspires him: people, exchanges, friendship, love, women. Always on edge, everything touches, reaches, upsets her, it's an emotional experience. She feeds on the affection of her loved ones, the encouragement of those around her and fleeting meetings.
A taste of childhood that does not leave her. A little in her bubble, in her ball, she feels protected.
Always looking for something new, it manufactures in small series and reinvents.
She enjoys exploring new materials, which force her to question her work and allow her to evolve towards new creative spheres.
She prefers to work alone in her workshop, out of sight. But she can also design on demand, reflect with her clients on new projects and likes this way of doing things which sometimes requires her to take up new challenges, and to set off in new reflections.

She adorns her objects with pearls, flowers, scales to make them real house jewels.


Shop events


Terra Rossa Salernes Museum

This exhibition allowed me to launch into exceptional pieces larger than those usually produced.

For example, the “bulimic mannequin” covered with around 10,000 small ceramic balls made one by one, each enamelled by hand and also glued one after the other. About 3 months of non-stop work.

Real therapy at a time when my life was a little complicated.

Exposition Terra Rossa
Salon côté sud Aix enProvence

The regular meeting in June at Parc Jourdan in Aix en Provence.

Exhibition bringing together decoration players.

Meeting "Vivre Côté Sud"

Var matin
Var matin
Miss creative
detail Elle
Var matin
Marianne Maison
Espace à Vivre
Cadre et décoration
C Déco
Cadre et décoration

In the press

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